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 With This Song 

Bespoke Wedding Songs
your day
your love
your song.

With This Song is Jess Godwin and Gabriel Ruiz, two Chicago-based songwriters and performers dedicating their talents to creating tailor-made love songs for your special day!


Our process begins with a one hour interview with the lucky couple, either in person or remote, consisting of a few simple questions to learn the story of your love. 

In about a month you will receive a distinctive, professionally mastered recording of a song inspired by touchstones unique to your relationship for you to revisit for the rest of your lives.


One month after your interview, you will receive a professionally mixed and 

mastered, high quality, uncompressed

recording via email.

Song + Performance
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If your wedding or proposal is within 1 hour of Chicago, check our availability to perform your song live at your wedding!

Wedding Song + Cocktail Hour Set
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And while we're there, why not have us

entertain your friends and family with some classics during

cocktail hour!

Bespoke Music

Bespoke Music

One and a Million
Watch Now
One and a Million

A song for Salome and Anuja Martinez

click to hear their song, and swipe right to learn where the song came from!

52 Days

Josh and Cassi's Song

swipe right to watch the interview with the soon-to-be newlyweds!